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5 Foods That Will Generate Power In You

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Blueberries: are loaded with phytochemicals, particularly anthocyanins, as are purple grapes and cherries. They also help to prevent inflammation, lower heart disease risk, as well as maintain cognitive function.

Edamame: soybeans are a great source of lean protein and low in saturated fat. Edamame can be found fresh in your produce section or frozen and added to salads or eaten in the pods with dip.

Sweet potatoes: a good source of beta carotene like you find in carrots, apricots and cantaloupe. They are a low glycemic food with a nice fiber content.

Watermelon: over 90% water, the red color indicates the phytochemical lycopene plus the added benefits of iron and potassium.

Mesclun salad mix: mesclun typically means a variety of salad greens in one mix. Increasing the number of greens that you consume helps prevent age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) or the loss of central vision. These mixes are also a source of iron and lutein.


Be mindful of what you put in your body now and you may see fewer health-related problems in the future. These are more than just fruits and veggies, they are powerful foods that pack a big nutritious punch!

He is a health nutrition consultant and is the owner of AstroNutrition – a provider of premium health nutrition and sports supplements.

5 Great Spots To Get Coffee While Waiting For Your Los Angeles Lasik Surgeon

Is often heralded as the best place to get a cup of joe in L.A. Within a stone’s throw of some of L.A.’s best Lasik surgeons, King’s Road is both a coffeehouse and a small café with excellent pastries and light lunch items. They roast their own coffee, so you’ll have the freshest cup of coffee in town while you await your Lasik appointment in one of West Hollywood’s upscale medical offices.

2. Euro Caffe
Is a little bit of Italy in Beverly Hills, offering espresso drinks the European way, hot and thick in tiny ceramic cups. If your eye surgeon is in Beverly Hills, the office staff may get their own coffee at Euro Caffe – whether you get coffee to go before your surgeon’s appointment or visit the café for a latte and a freshly grilled panini afterward, you’re guaranteed an authentic European experience. Just watch out during World Cup season, as this place is a magnet for rabid Italian soccer fans.

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3. Caffe Luxxe
Is an upscale Santa Monica coffee bar that makes amazing, fresh-roasted, old-school espresso drinks in the classic European fashion. The extensively trained baristas make the best cappuccinos in town, eight ounces with a perfect topping of creamy foam. Santa Monica is loaded with medical clinics, and if your Los Angeles lasik surgeon is nearby, stop into Caffe Luxxe for coffee before your appointment, and you won’t mind the wait.

Eating For A Healthy Heart

4. Café Balcony, in West L.A.
Is a great late afternoon hangout which really only gets hopping after dark. Near a number of medical offices, you’ll find yourself sipping your coffee surrounded by other Lasik patients, along with folks going to or from their acupuncturirists, dermatologists and hair stylists – plus students from the local college and writer typing away at their laptops. Get a fresh-pressed pot of Kona for an amazing cup of coffee, and you’ll be wide-eyed for your laser surgery.

Dating Opportunity for Singles

5. Swork Coffee
Is the epitome of the modern coffeehouse, with Internet access, a friendly staff and a “children’s area” for kids. Located in the Eagle Rock section of Los Angeles, it’s perfect if you have an appointment with an eye doctor in Glendale, or if you just want to relax and surf the ‘net after your visit with the surgeon.

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Safer Methods: Using Organic Pest Control for Roaches and Mites

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It’s safe to say that most of us would like to believe we’re living in our homes alone and without the specter of critters like cockroaches or dust mites. Unfortunately, that is almost never the case. Even so, no one wants to be putting toxic chemicals all over the house or in places where children can get to them. This gives the idea of using a method or organic pest control for these critters better standing. Yes, in fact, it’s possible to use organic methods to rid your house of these unwanted pests.

For cockroaches, you’ll begin your organic pest control by carefully cleaning your house, including the bathroom and the kitchen. Vacuum the carpeting well and dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag. Wash target areas very well with a strong soap and water.

One of the tricks of organic pest control is knowing that roaches are fond of high places. You’ll want to use boric acid (Borax) and put it above the kitchen cabinets if there is a space between the cabinets and the ceiling. If not, put it as high as you can. Roaches will take the boric acid (non-toxic to humans unless eaten, by the way) and will take it back to their nests, killing scores of the little beasts. Keep the boric acid away from pets and small children.

Another trick of organic pest control for cockroaches is the fact that catnip acts as a natural repellent to the insects. Catnip contains nepetalactone, a chemical that is non-toxic to human beings. It will keep the cockroaches away from any area you leave it around. Don’t let your cats get into it, however!

A completely safe and organic way to kill roaches is using a spray bottle of soapy water on them whenever you see them. They don’t like it and it kills them cold. Another method of organic cockroach control is to put a couple of slices of bread into a coffee can and soak the bread with beer. Put the can around where you have a lot of roaches. Also use bay leaves, cucumber slices or garlic in high-risk areas, which are excellent deterrents. A hedge apple, placed one in each room will deter roaches for up to two months.

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Dust mites, while microscopic, are truly everywhere in your living quarters. Many people are allergic to dust mites. Fortunately, there are organic pest control measures you can take. Begin by dusting everything and by vacuuming the mattresses and pillows. You can buy special dust mite bedding that has zippers and allergen-blocking encasings. Continue your organic pest control by washing the bedding in very hot water. Unfortunately, detergents alone don’t make a difference unless the water temperature is as high as you can get it (at least 55 degrees Celsius). If you have an allergy sufferer in your home, keep out stuffed animals, throw rugs and laundry hampers out of the bedroom area.

Bookshelves with lots of books aren’t a good idea either. Another organic pest control trick is to neutralize the allergic component of the bugs with tannic acid. It works for animal dander, too. They make tannic acid powder and you can find them at pet stores and health food places. Sprinkle it over problem areas. You can also cover mattresses and/or pillows with covers that are laminated to prevent the penetration of dust mites. Avoid humidifiers, which attract dust mites.

You may not be able to totally rid your house of dust mites and cockroaches but you can have a clean home that is as allergy-free as possible—all with organic pest prevention.

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Vintage Fashion: Artifacts From Years Gone By

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Look at the pages of the latest issue of a prominent fashion magazine and you are sure to find it. Look online at the numerous celebrity blogs and you will be sure to find it. Visit your local consignment clothing store and you are absolutely sure to find it.

What is this “it?” The “it” is vintage fashion and it continues to be all the rage in fashion circles year after year. The definitely of vintage, or retro fashion, depends on the person writing about or wearing the artifacts from years gone by. But one thing in fashion is apparent: fashion comes and goes in cycles and what was in style when you were young will most likely be considered vintage fashion when you grow up and have children of your own.

1950’s Paris Fashion. Watch the video below!

For several years, vintage fashion boasted artifacts from the 1960’s: mini-dresses and knee high boots. Then it was the 1970’s vintage fashions of afro hair styles and bell bottom pants along with wedge heels and flowing disco tops. Now, look on the pages of fashion magazines or blogs and the newest fashion artifacts are considered fashions from not that long ago: the 1980’s. Slouch socks, neon prints, tons of jewelry, big hair and make up are coming back in to style in stages and it is funny to see fashion writers discuss how this is now vintage fashion. People who were born in the 1980’s are still in their twenties: hardly artifact-type people!


But people have had to deal with fashions coming back in and out since the beginning of clothing. People have always been concerned with being the best dressed and as time passed, ideas for fashion started to wane and styles and ideas were repeated, hence the continued popularity of vintage fashion.
The best way to approach fashion is to mix vintage pieces with other items that are not considered to be artifacts. Mixing the old and the new will show others that you are a fashion forward type of person who is able to confidently mix up fashions without appearing overly made-up or ridiculous.

Atlanta Botonical Garden

Fashions will continue to come in and out of style as long as there are fashion designers and people there to write about and buy the clothes. We will not escape fashion, especially vintage type fashions, so we might as well embrace it and wear it proudly.

You will not be considered an artifact if you do indeed adopt retro or vintage fashions. Instead, you will be looked at as a fashion forward person who is continually looking for new ways to push the fashion envelope. Wear the clothes right and you could be considered the newest “it” person on the covers of the magazines and soon be walking the runways of Paris and Milan.

Okay, not really, but it is fun to dream, right? And vintage fashion can help you escape to a time where life was simple. So travel back in time and look good doing it with vintage fashions.

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Performing Cunnilingus on Woman

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Performing cunnilingus for most women, should always be a given when having sex. So have you ever wondered why oral sex on women isn’t always a priority for some men? While it has to be said that most men are truly delighted by the constellation of sex organs between your legs, then why are there the few who seem to shy away from performing cunnilingus sex?

With the majority of women reporting the most sexual pleasure and satisfaction from oral sex, great cunnilingus is simply an essential part of lovemaking. And while it’s the tickle of the tongue that gets most lady juices flowing, even for those who love nothing more than the feeling of a hard sexy cock during penetration, good cunnilingus is still very important in wetting sexual appetites as a necessary entree before the beefy main course.

So if you’re with someone who isn’t into performing cunnilingus or is less than enthusiastic about it, you may need to investigate why. Because something fishy may be going on and it’s probably not the Garden of Eden between your legs!

He Just Doesn’t Want To Do It – It’s Him Not You

If your squeeze simply is not in to performing cunnilingus, he won’t want to admit it but he may not very experienced in the bedroom. Some younger men can be put off by the idea of oral sex on women, preferring to be the receiver rather than the giver. The good news is that more often than not, with time and maturity, most men learn to love it.

So if you think you fall in to this category, try to encourage him by telling him what you like, while also reassuring him that he’s doing a great job down there. If he learns how to give cunnilingus to the point where you climax, then it’s likely going to give him the incentive to do it all the time.

And usually it’s the man that gets just as much satisfaction as getting you off, than only being focused on his pleasure, who truly becomes a great cunnilingus champion!

He’s Confused About His Sexuality

If he’s your best friend, dresses better than you, happily gives you sweet kisses but is freaked out by everything below your waist, he’s not your perfect partner, he’s your gay best friend. Whether he’s at the point of admitting it or not, you’re never going to make him come around to loving your vajayjay.

Might as well count your losses and accept that he will never ever, ever, be performing cunnilingus, and focus on him giving you something useful like the best Fellatio Tips instead.

He’s Put Off By Your Bearded Clam

Good cunnilingus advice can be as simple as helping him keep motivated by keeping your beef curtains tidy. Granted not every woman has to cave in to current trends and go totally hair free but a neat trim around the hedges can definitely benefit you both.

Why make your man battle through a thick and coarse jungle when with a little maintenance you can guide him directly to your pleasure chest?

He’s Concerned About Your Lady Scent

Healthy women do not smell like fish! All beings have a natural scent and some men seem to forget that they too also have a distinctive genital odour. It’s always a good idea to be clean before sex but if he’s kicking up an unnecessary fuss about performing cunnilingus then it’s likely him and not you.

Just remember that for every man that turns his nose at any sort of body odour there is a man who can’t wait to get you in to the sack before your morning shower.

Take note of his actions

  • Has he immediately stopped after going down there? If so, probably he doesn’t like your smell or taste. He is not saying it thinking that you may feel bad or get hurt
  • There maybe occasion when scent of fresh urine can get man excited and he would lick and chew your urethra. Next time after shower and pee, but don’t wipe out. Fresh urine has some pheromones!
  • He may go down further towards your perineum (small soft area between vagina and anus) Again f he doesn’t sense anything from your anus, he might lick there too (analingus) If it is bad he would certainly stop


So embrace your raw natural body odour because combined with those amazing female pheromones it’s a truly intoxicating mix. In fact, it has such an incredible pulling power most men just can’t wait to get their face between your legs!

Real men get excited by scent of fresh sweat, urine and anus as the smell are mild in nature and phermonious. Just make sure that you are healthy and feeling good about yourself! In seduction chapter there is nothing called dirty job.

Give Directions

It’s only fair to say that some men that try their best at performing cunnilingus, get discouraged when they feel they are not doing it right. So don’t be afraid to give your partner your very own cunnilingus advice by directing him to exactly where you want him to be.

If you love your labia to be teased or prefer hard suction then let him know. Don’t leave him down there forever without any direction. Your lover can likely end up lost, exhausted and deflated that he’s not making it work for you without any incentive for him to do it again.

Lose Your Inhibitions

Nothing is ever really fun when it’s one sided. Like intercourse no man feels good about his partner just lying there as dead as a doorknob, and when receiving cunnilingus it’s the same. Give him some encouragement and let him know what feels good.

Help him help you achieve climax by moving your hips to match his speed and touching your breasts. Give him the right signals and encouragement to keep him going and going as long as it needs, to make you come.

Men are selfish!

Your man would expect that you give him good oral delight too (blow job). There is nothing wrong if he demands it from you. He happy and give it to him. Occasionally men love cuming on mouth, breast, belly button and even on anus (without anal sex)

Oral sex on women is an essential part of lovemaking and if you put the effort in to teach your partner how to give cunnilingus then you really are giving him a valuable life skill! However, if your partner flatly refuses to perform cunnilingus you may need to re-evaluate your relationship.

While sex is not the be all and end all, if oral sex is the only way that gets you off, you may be better off being just friends. If he’s not in to performing cunnilingus, there will certainly be another man who will.

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How Does FatLossFactor Works?

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Fat Loss Factor is a diet and fitness program created by Dr. Michael Allen, a certified chiropractic Physician and nutrition expert. In this article I’ll try to describe to you how this program works and what it has to offer. I hope that this article will clarify some things about this program so you can make an informed decision about it.

So, how does Fat Loss Factor work?

The program begins with a two week “clean-slate” stage in which you only consume natural foods like fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and so on. This stage is supposed to help you detox your body, get rid of toxins that may have accumulated within it, and to get it ready for a long term fat loss.

These first two weeks may prove a bit difficult to handle due to the restriction on certain foods. However, this does not continue past that first two weeks and Dr. Allen claims that this stage is crucial if you wish to achieve a long term and sustainable weight loss.

After the first two weeks are over, you begin a more balanced eating plan coupled with rigorous workouts. The Fat Loss Factor program includes detailed workout plans for three levels of trainees: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so you can do these workouts regardless of your current fitness level. At any level, these workouts will prove to be a challenge to you, and that’s a good thing since you can’t really expect to get any kind of results without making a real and concentrated effort.

The workouts that Dr. Allen has included in the program involve full body strength workouts and high intensity cardio training, just the kind of workouts that most contemporary experts believe are best for fast fat burning. The program also includes a selection of 15 minute workouts that you can use if you’re strapped for time and can’t spend too long at the gym.

In addition to the workouts and the main Fat Loss Factor ebook, the program includes a recipe collection and a grocery shopping guide to help you make healthy choices and prepare delicious meals. A lot of effort has been made to make this program easy, simple, and quick to follow and apply.

Overall, I believe that using this program can help you to lose weight, tone up, look and feel better. However, be aware that it does require some effort on you part. Article Source:

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Is Phen375 The Answer to Morbid Obesity?

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Morbid obesity is defined as “the condition of weighing two or more times as much as the ideal weight; so-called because it is associated with many serious and life-threatening disorders.”  (Source: The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary Copyright © 2007, 2004 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.Dorland’s Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers. © 2007 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. All rights reserved

To the morbidly obese, the usual problem is will power.  Many in that condition have the intention to lose weight but usually lose their will power when the struggle to do so begins. Starting on a plan, they are raring to go and very willing to start the changes in their lives but a few days into the routine, the will wanes and they slide back to their usual habits.  Even if there is a third party working with them, they are usually not easy to force.

Understandably so, because all that fat is weighing them down and naturally, it makes it difficult for them to move, even just a little.  Worse even are their eating habits. They are used to stuffing their faces with whatever food they can get their hands on. Doubly worse, pretty much all of them are fond of foods that they know is not good for them but still, they cannot say no to or simply turn their backs on.

One advertisement for Phentemine 375  claims that it puts the will power back into backsliders and helps them succeed in their quest for substantial weight loss.  It also claims that it is primarily aimed at those who are morbidly obese because it targets the very weak spirit of the dieter. Well and good if the program works as well as they claim but because of the lack of proof, proof based on actual usage, the demographics of the success of the plan are still questionable.

Taking into consideration the ratio of the US morbidly obese population and comparing it to the available statistics of those who have actually used Phen375 for the purpose of morbid obesity, there is hardly anything to compare.  More studies need to be conducted to actually make a dent in the very widespread market of weight loss supplements. Certainty in using Phen375 for the morbidly obese lies mainly in the patient’s actual willpower than in the supplement’s ability.

Don’t Stress About Those Extra Pounds! Use These Tips To Reach Your Weight Loss Goals!

Before making any major life change, it’s best to do some investigation and learning about the best way to make those changes. Weight loss is no different. The more information you have on how to go about losing weight, the more weight you will lose. Here are a couple tips that will help you do that.

Don’t judge yourself too harshly, even if you are dealing with a severe weight issue. If you want to discourage yourself, the best way is going to be by judging yourself harsher than others would. You should understand that you are taking on your issues as you should and taking the best steps you can; so be proud.

One strategy that can help you lose a few extra pounds is taking the time to step on the scale each day and writing down your current weight. Seeing the numbers rise and fall keeps you focused on your goal and can also help you realize what dietary or exercise modifications are helpful.

If you’re planning on starting and staying on a successful diet, a good tip to remember is to never move more than one step at a time. It’s very hard to cut back on calories, increase your exercise, and to micromanage your entire life if you’re doing it all at once. Remove a bad product at a time while increasing your activity.

If you are an animal lover, consider making your pet your partner in health with you. Many dog owners find that their dogs motivate them to work out regularly. Big, happy dog grins after a brisk walk are hard to say no to, so consider this as a way of encouraging good habits!

Do you love pizza? There will be occasions when you want to enjoy a slice of pizza, but you can make it a little bit healthier. Grab some napkins and blot the oil that is all over the pizza. This will help save yourself from extra calories and fat.

If you need to lose five pounds fast, drink a lot of water. If you cut down on the amount of food you eat and drink at least half a gallon of water a day for a week, you will lose water weight. This is not fat loss, but is a quick way to get the first five pounds off and quick-start your weight loss program.

When your goal is to exercise more for weight loss, make it a point to read fitness and exercise magazines or websites often. Do the same with television shows and books, too. Educating yourself about what exercises can harm you may help save you time. Learning about which exercises are best for your goal can also save you time, and help to inspire you, too.

Losing weight can be so much easier if you have access to the right information. Learning as much as you can about how your body works and how weight loss happens, can be the key to losing as much weight as possible. Use these tips and find others like these, so that you can fight excess weight by using knowledge.